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What’s Next After Your Boat Insurance Quote?

Posted in MD Advantage on Apr 08, 2021.

Online insurance calculators are a great way to get a snapshot of what different boat insurance providers can offer (if you haven’t tried ours yet, take a moment and get your instant insurance quote- it’s free!). However, once you’ve received your quote, where do you go from there? Sure, you know how much it will cost, but what’s the next step? You don’t automatically go with a policy just because it’s the most affordable, so what else should you find out before you make your decision?

There are plenty of factors to consider, and we’re strong proponents of the belief that you shouldn’t commit to a new marine insurance policy before you completely understand what you’re getting. Today, we’re going to go over three of the most important questions you can ask after you receive your boat insurance quote to help determine whether or not it’s the best option for you and your watercraft.

  1. What are the specific inclusions for your policy? While all MD Marine policies do come with some universal inclusions (like emergency towing and a standard liability limit of $2,000,000), there are some variations that might be tailored to your unique watercraft. For example, the watercraft value of your specific policy will be calculated based on the equipment, machinery, and electronics that allow your boat to function properly. If you have specific concerns about whether or not your boat will be covered in the event that something happens, or whether it’s possible to cover items left on your boat, this is the time to ask. The answers you receive to these questions will greatly help to inform your decision.

  2. Are there any benefits or bonuses that this policy will provide to you? Let’s say that you’re comparing two different watercraft insurance policies. On paper, they both look identical - they provide the coverage you want at a price that you can afford. So how do you know which one will go the extra mile to take care of you when you do need to make a claim?

A good way to tell is to examine the included benefits or bonuses of each policy. At MD Marine, every one of our policies includes a Dock Links Membership, emergency towing service, and a dedicated in-office claims specialist to help you navigate the claims process. Every aspect of our service is built around anticipating what you might need and what might make your life easier when you’re in a situation where you need to make an insurance claim. We even provide coverage for loss of use (with the exception of PWC), so that you don’t have to miss even a single day out on the water.

  1. What kind of customer service can you expect to receive? As Canada’s most trusted marine insurance provider, we know firsthand how competitive the field is. We’ve seen insurance companies offer policies at a dirt-cheap entry rate to attract customers, and then leave them high and dry when they needed help most. The final question you should ask about your boat insurance quote is what kind of customer service it comes with.
    • Will you be left on your own to handle your claims?
    • Will you have anyone available to answer questions as they arise?
    • Does your insurance provider know what your specific needs are as a Canadian boater, or are they content to offer a bare-bones policy?

There are insurance providers, like MD Marine, who have taken all of these things into consideration, and offer exceptional customer service as an essential part of your marine insurance policy. Don’t settle for anything less.

Choose Boat Insurance from MD Marine At MD Marine Insurance, you can get a boat insurance quote online and follow up on that quote by talking to a member of our in-house team to determine what would be included with your policy. You’ll never have to make a decision based on partial information, and you’ll always be able to compare policies thoroughly before you commit to one.

With coverage designed for boaters throughout Canada, you won’t find just another watercraft insurance company here.

You’ll find your insurance company.

For more information on our watercraft insurance or to follow up on your boat insurance quote online, give us a call at 1-877 627-4633 or send us an instant message.