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MD Advantage

Emergency On-Water Services Coverage

1. If your boat becomes disabled, you will have coverage for emergency on water services. A list of those services is included below. Knowing you are covered for these services means that you can make the right choices in getting your boat back up and running or back to shore safely. It is important to note this coverage does not count as a claim against your policy and is not subject to a deductible.

  • An emergency tow back to the closest marina or repair facility
  • Fuel to be delivered to you including the cost of the fuel being delivered
  • The cost of emergency labour to be performed at the site of disablement

Claims Process Simplified

2. At a lot of insurance companies, you can get bounced around from person to person when trying to get answers regarding your claim. At MD Marine we have an in office claims specialist to act as a liaison between you and the insurance company. This ensures that you will be back out on the water as soon as possible with the results that you deserve.

Loss of Use Coverage

3. In the event that your boat is in being repaired on an approved claim we don’t want you stuck on land waiting for your boat to be repaired, especially not on the most gorgeous weekend of the summer. Each of our policies includes coverage for loss of use, with the exception of PWCs. The coverage is up to the limit listed on your policy, and could be used to cover the cost of a rental boat if needed. We don’t want you to have to cancel any summer plans and having a rental boat makes the time while your boat is being repaired go by in a flash.

Boat insurance providers offer special insurance packages specially designed for boaters and the protection of various types of watercraft. At MD Marine, this protection includes items like Agreed Value coverage and Emergency Towing. MD Marine is one of Canada’s most trusted boat insurance providers, thanks to our commitment to customer service and our MD Advantage benefits.

Benefits and Coverages

Benefits Coverage *Home & Auto Policy
Vermin Coverage Not Available
Theft – No Locks Required* Not Available
Agreed Value Limited
Personal Effects Limited
Additional Expenses Not Available
Emergency Towing Limited
Exceptional Claims Handling Limited
Marine Assist Not Available
Pet Coverage Not Available
NEW BENEFIT - Dock Links Membership Not Available
Payment Options Limited

* Based on information available at the time of production. Subject to change.Our team of marine experts are always ready to help.
To contact our team call 1-877-627-4633.