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Fishing Boat Insurance

Designed with Canadian boaters in mind, MD Marine’s fishing boat insurance is the best way to protect yourself, your passengers, and your fishing boat while out on the water.

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Fishing Boat

Protect Your Investment

No matter whether you fish competitively or as a recreational way to unwind, your boat was a big investment. At MD Marine Insurance, we believe that’s worth protecting. Accidents can happen to anyone, even the most cautious. Fishing boat insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that personal effects like your rods, reels and tackle are covered. Even if someone forgets to check the battery or you run out of gas, you are covered for the tow. So when it counts - when you’re working toward catching “the big one” - you can relax and focus your full attention on what you came out to do: fish.

The time we get to enjoy the water is special - even more so if you’re sharing it with friends or family. When you’re protected by MD Marine’s fishing boat insurance, you’ve got liability coverage up to $3,000,000. And when your goal for the day is to make good memories, that matters. It means that instead of worrying about what-ifs, you get to focus on what is.

Benefits of Fishing Boat Insurance

Emergency Towing If your battery fails or you run out of gas, you won’t have to sweat it. You’ll have coverage up to $5,000 towards the cost of towing, fuel delivery, or on-the-water repair work.

Additional Expenses If your vessel is disabled as the result of a claim, you’ll have coverage up to $1,500 towards the cost of a rental boat, rental car, or living expenses while your vessel is being replaced or repaired.

Marine Assistance With our experience in the industry, we know what boaters appreciate, and what makes the biggest difference between a relaxing day on the water and an eventually-funny campfire story. That’s why our platinum policies automatically receive the Aviva Marine Assistance Program, which provides you with access to concierge boating services, Maine trip-planning information services, and emergency boat towing.

Be Worry-Free With MD

With almost a century of experience behind our team, it’s no wonder that MD Marine is one of Canada’s most trusted sources for marine insurance. Your in-office claims specialist will act as a liaison between you and the insurance company, so you won’t be stuck in a phone lineup. Instead, you’ll be back on the water up to 10 days faster than the competition.

We’re a company that stands by our service and by our customers’ satisfaction. And given that 65% of our business comes from customer referrals, we’re confident that you’ll be just as pleased with the results.

For more information on fishing boat insurance from MD Marine, give us a call at 1-877-627-4633.