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Pontoon Boat Insurance

If relaxing days on the lake are memories you treasure, protect your pontoon boat with MD Marine’s pontoon boat insurance. Designed specifically for Canadian boaters, MD Marine boat insurance means that you can fully enjoy your time on the water, without worrying about anything else.

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Pontoon Boat

The Right Insurance for Your Afternoon on the Lake

Your pontoon boat isn’t just a way for you to get from one place to another. It’s the setting for family get-togethers, lazy evenings watching the sun go down, and swimming trips in the summer. It’s also a sizable investment, which means that any accidents or mishaps can be expensive to fix.

MD Marine Insurance makes it easy to fully enjoy your time on the lake without the worry of “what if.” MD Marine will help you find the insurance plan that perfectly suits your pontoon boat and the way you use it, which means we’ve got you covered if something should happen out on the water. In fact, MD Marine Insurance is dedicated to getting you back on the water up to 10 days faster than the competition. You’ll be able to get the repairs you need, when you need them, with insurance designed specifically for your watercraft.

Benefits of Pontoon Boat Insurance

Emergency Towing When you’re out in the middle of the water, a dead motor or exhausted gas reserve can threaten to ruin your day. With MD Marine, you’ll always have coverage for emergency on-water emergencies. That includes an emergency tow, on-water fuel delivery, or emergency on-water repairs if possible.

Exceptional Service It should never be hard to ask questions about your claim. Unlike other insurance companies, which can trap you in an endless game of phone tag, MD Marine Insurance has a dedicated in-office claims specialist. They’ll act as a liaison between you and your insurance company, making sure that your questions are answered and ensuring a smooth line of communication.

Rental Coverage Your claim is in motion, and your pontoon boat is off being repaired - which means, without MD Marine Insurance, you’re stuck on land during a gorgeous summer weekend. Your pontoon boat insurance plan will include loss of use coverage. The amount will depend on your policy limit, but it can be put towards the cost of a rental, so you don’t have to miss out on a single lake day.

MD Marine Insurance: The Secret to A Perfect Day on Your Pontoon Boat

With almost a century of experience, the team at MD Marine Insurance has earned the respect of the industry and is one of Canada’s most trusted sources for marine insurance. At MD Marine, we’ll help you find the perfect insurance for a pontoon boat and connect you with the specialized expertise that you can’t find with your home or auto insurance company.

Our tradition of above-and-beyond service, coupled with comprehensive & cost-effective coverage, makes it no surprise that 65% of our business comes from customer referrals. Experience the difference for yourself, starting with a free, no-obligation, instant insurance quote online.

For more information on Pontoon insurance from MD Marine, give us a call at 1-877-627-4633.