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  • What’s Next After Your Boat Insurance Quote?

    Posted in MD Advantage on Apr 08, 2021.

    There are plenty of factors to consider, and we’re strong proponents of the belief that you shouldn’t commit to a new marine insurance policy before you completely understand what you’re getting.

  • Is There a Creature Stirring in Your Boathouse?

    Posted in Benefits of Marine Insurance, MD Advantage on Mar 11, 2021.

    ‘Twas time to put the boat away, but there in the boathouse, a small creature was stirring - a raccoon or perhaps even a mouse.

    As we relax and settle into the holiday season, it’s easy to forget about your boat, safely snuggled away under its wraps or locked in the boathouse. However, as you’re feasting and getting warm in front of the fireplace, there may very well be some critters making themselves at home in your boat. You likely won’t ever know they were there, until you bring your boat out of storage, put it back on the water, and discover wires chewed, or that the seats have been absolu...