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Home & Auto Coverage

Posted on Aug 13, 2020.

My Home & Auto Coverage Is Enough. Right?

You might ask yourself, why should I insure my boat with a company that ONLY insures boats? It's part of my home and cottage insurance that’s good enough, right?

Here are a few benefits of having “boat only” insurance, they might surprise you. Vermin Coverage – Ever seen what a family of raccoons will do to a boat's interior? We have, and home and cottage policies simply don’t cover this damage (the cost of a raccoon feast on a typical boat interior is more than $5,000 – ouch!!). Every MD Marine policy includes this coverage.

Agreed Value Coverage - simply means you will get the exact value you insured for with no haggling. We even offer Guaranteed Replacement Coverage. Sorry folks but you won't get that in a home or cottage policy.

Theft – in the event of theft we won’t pull out any fine print about locks – we will simply stand behind you and get you back on the water, quickly. If you put your boat on your home or cottage policy – make sure you go shopping for padlocks!

Emergency Towing – All MD Marine policies include emergency towing coverage. We will even pay to send the gas to you on the water if you run out. Even better - there's no deductible! Under a home or cottage policy, this support simply doesn't exist.

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