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Stranded On Dry Land

Posted in Safety Tips on Sep 14, 2020.

Proper winter storage will save you time in the spring!

The numbers on the thermometer are slowly but surely climbing a sure sign summer is on the way! Like most boaters, you’ve probably spent the winter dreaming about the day your boat would make its first appearance from the spot it has been hibernating in all winter long.

Hopefully you have followed the manufacturer’s steps to properly winterize your boat. If you did you have saved yourself some spring boat prep time and avoided many possible headaches. Remember though, even the most cared for watercraft needs additional attention before that first outing of the year.

The truth is, months of inactivity can take a toll on your boat and many things could happen in down that time. Fluids can dry up. Batteries can discharge. Fuel gets stale. Fortunately, an afternoon of pre-season preparation can help you find and fix any issues that could keep you docked on dry land. Key areas of maintenance include the fuel system, electrical system, propellers and hull, belts, cables and hoses, fluid levels, and safety gear.

Our friends and boating pros at Discover Boating have put together aSpring Start-up Checklist to get you started. Of course, you’ll also want to check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendation or instructions specific to your boat model.