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MD Marine partners with Dock Links

Posted in Benefits of Marine Insurance on May 25, 2021.

MD Marine has provides boat owners in Canada peace of mind by offering the most comprehensive marine insurance coverage available. In addition to that, MD Marine is now a partner of Dock Links, which offers our policyholders complimentary memberships, saving them money and time while making their day-to-day activities easier.

Today, we will be discussing what marine insurance and Dock Links are, as well as the benefits you will gain from Dock Links, so read on!

What is Marine Insurance? If you own a boat, you know just how important marine insurance can be. Insurance can save you money in a number of ways. Most policies will protect against loss or damage to your boat due to an accident, fire, theft, natural disaster, vandalism, and more. You can also take out a policy to cover fishing gear and equipment or to insure your boat while in storage.

Marine insurance can also provide peace of mind. Knowing that your boat and its equipment are protected in the event of a storm and other natural disasters. Many policies will have limits to what they will payout for each type of damage. Some policies will also offer replacement value on boats that have sunk.

What is Dock Links? This exclusive members-only program offers you exclusive discounts and savings on a range of marinas and restaurants across Ontario. Boost your overall savings on fuel, transient fees, and pump-out fees. Plus, our MemberperksĀ® program gives you discounts across the country at restaurants, retail shops and more. Learn More

How would you use Dock Links? You might already be able to take advantage of the savings today! If you have an active watercraft policy with MD Marine Insurance, your Dock Links Membership card is waiting for you to activate. All you need to do is login into your My MD Client Centre Account and click the Dock Links logo to get started.

Don't have insurance with MD Marine? Contact us today for more information about our boating insurance.