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A Guide For First Time Boat Owners

Posted in Important Information, Uncategorized on Jan 09, 2023.

If you're thinking about buying a watercraft, you're not alone. Owning a watercraft is a dream for many people, and the appeal is easy to see. Boats offer endless opportunities for fun, relaxation, and adventure. But if you've never owned a watercraft before, the whole process can seem a bit daunting.

Don't worry – we're here to help! In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about owning a boat. We'll cover everything from choosing the right boat to maintaining it properly. With this information in hand, you'll be ready to enjoy all that boating has to offer!

Finding the Right Boat

When looking for the perfect watercraft, consider how you plan to use it. Will you be taking short trips on calm water, or do you want a boat that can handle rough conditions for longer excursions? Do you plan on primarily using the watercraft for fishing, skiing, or simply lounging and relaxing? Knowing how you'll use your watercraft will help guide your search.

Once you have an idea of what type of watercraft will suit your needs, start looking at specific models and features. Take into account the size and capacity – both in terms of passengers and storage space – as well as any amenities you may want (such as a bathroom or kitchenette). Don't forget to consider fuel efficiency and maintenance costs.

Inspecting and Buying

After choosing a watercraft, it's important to have it thoroughly inspected before making any purchases. This includes looking at the physical condition of the watercraft, as well as checking all necessary documentation (such as registration and titles). It's also a good idea to have a professional check for water damage and excessive wear.

When buying from a dealer, make sure to negotiate the price and get any agreements in writing. And when purchasing from a private seller, be sure to transfer ownership properly and obtain all necessary paperwork.

Watercraft Insurance

Just like car insurance, watercraft insurance can protect you and your watercraft in case of accidents or damage. Though watercraft insurance isn't required by law, it's highly recommended. In some cases, the dealer or marina where you store your watercraft may require insurance.

When getting insurance, there are factors that determine the cost of watercraft insurance, including:

  • Boat details
  • Where you will be boating
  • Your boating experience and safety training
  • Boat condition
  • Maintenance and Safety

    Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your watercraft in good condition and ensuring safe boating. This includes routine checks of the engine, fuel system, electrical equipment, hull, and steering. It's also important to clean and properly store the watercraft when not in use to prevent damage from the elements.

    Boating Safety

    In addition to proper maintenance of your watercraft, it's important to practice safe boating habits. This means following boating laws, wearing life jackets, and not operating a watercraft under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Taking a boating safety course is also recommended for first-time watercraft owners.


    You will also have to find a place to store your watercraft when not in use. Options include a private dock, marina, or storage facility. Be sure to research and compare prices and amenities before making a decision on where to store your watercraft.

    Boat Trailer

    If you want to travel with your watercraft, you'll need a boat trailer. When purchasing a trailer, make sure it's the proper size and capacity for your watercraft. Maintaining and storing the trailer properly is also essential to preventing damage and ensuring its safety.

    Safety Kit

    Having a safety kit on board is a necessity for any watercraft. This kit should have things like a first aid kit, flares, a radio, and emergency water supplies. Check the kit regularly to make sure all items are in good condition and replace any expired or used items.


    If you have never fueled a watercraft before, it's crucial to know the proper procedures. Always turn off the engine before fueling, and only use approved fuel sources. Make sure to properly dispose of any excess or spilled fuel.

    Enjoying Your Watercraft

    Now that you've navigated the process of buying and owning a watercraft, it's time to enjoy all the fun and adventure that boating has to offer! Remember to always practice safe boating habits and properly maintain your watercraft for many enjoyable years on the water.

    Don't hesitate to contact MD Marine if you are in need of watercraft insurance. We will work with you to find the best coverage for your watercraft and boating needs. Visit our website or give us a call at 877-627-4633 to get started. Happy boating!