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Gift Ideas For The Boating Enthusiast In Your Life

Posted in Boating Accessories on Dec 16, 2021.

It's almost the most wonderful time of year; the holidays are inching closer, which means it's time to start thinking about the perfect gifts to give to your family and your significant other. Gift ideas can be tough to come by, but if the recipients are boat lovers, this list of gift ideas is perfect for them, like new fishing equipment, boat insurance and more.

New Cooler

Coolers are great to have when you are spending the day out on the water. Even if they already own one, they tend to get banged up and get scratches easily, so why not replace their old one with a brand new one. Before you buy a new one, make sure to find out what they use it for, as coolers can be used to store food and drinks, or if they are fishers, they might use it to store the fish they caught.

Fishing Equipment

If you are shopping for someone who loves fishing, why not get them some new fishing equipment. Do they have an old tackle box? Get them a new tackle box, and fill it with their favourite fishing lures. They also have something called Fish Finder, a device you can attach to your fishing pole then connect it to your phone, and it will report where the fish are, making it easier to know where to cast the line. Lastly, even though it might be obvious, you can buy them a new fishing pole, as there are so many different types of poles, you can get one that differs from the one they already own.

Water Sports Gear

There are tons of different kinds of sports gear that you can buy so the boater in your life can have some more fun out on the water. These sports equipment can be a wakeboard, surfboard, paddleboard, or a water tube. Sports gear like this is not only great for them but also for the family.

Cleaning Supplies

Every boat lover loves to keep their boat nice and clean. Why not buy them cleaning supplies that help them get the job done faster so they can get back to enjoying the time out on the water.

New Life Jackets

Having life jackets is an essential part of boating, and eventually, they become old and out of date. Why not buy brand new ones to help protect the boater in your life.

New Towels

Boaters are constantly using towels, as they have so many different uses like cleaning, drying off after a swim, or even keeping warm on cool days. Since they are used so frequently, sometimes they become lost or end up at home being washed, so why not buy some extra towels to keep on the boat.

Waterproof Phone Case

Some phones now are waterproof, but not every phone. If the boater in your life has a phone that isn't, buying them a waterproof phone case is perfect for helping them protect their phone out on the water.

Boat Insurance

One thing that you might not consider getting your loved one is the gift of boat insurance. Some boaters might just use their home insurance as it usually has a little coverage for boats, but it doesn't cover everything. Boat insurance covers things like theft, vermin making a snack out of your boat, and emergency towing.

If you choose MD Marine boat insurance, you get all those coverages and get the bonus of getting our Dock Links Membership which gives you fantastic discounts all across Ontario for things like restaurants and fun places like mini-golf.

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